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April 15, 2009 News 2 Comments

From AF: “Re: In-office medication dispensing. A-S Medication Solutions, a division of Allscripts, is trying to sell doctors in-office medication dispensing so they can make money on it like a pharmacy would. Has anyone had success with this?” I have to say I personally knew nothing about this subject, but have now completed “In-office Medication Dispensing 101”, with the help of the A-S website. A-S claims the average profit is $3.75 to $5.25 per prescription, depending on the medication and insurance. The Stark regulations say this is all legal as long as the patients belong to the physician. And, the physician can direct staff to dispense medications on his/her behalf. Readers will have to tell us if it is worth it. By the way, Allscripts is actually selling off this division, though they will continue to sell the solution through a co-marketing agreement.

SRSsoft announces that Valley Oak Orthopaedics (CA) de-installed a CCHIT-certified EMR and replaced it with the non-CCHIT-certified SRS hybrid EMR. SRS is clearly making a statement that CCHIT certification alone does not guarantee the product will be efficient solution. The administrator of the three-doctor group is quoted as saying,”We chose the SRS hybrid after the existing traditional EMR in our practice drained our productivity and became unusable.”

A local paper examines the move to electronic health records across the Sarasota, FL community. Included is the story of a two-doctor pediatric and internal medicine group that moved to EHR nine years ago. Despite the $70,000 per physician up-front cost, the physicians believe the system has improved their record keeping, facilitates the transfer of records to other physicians and patients, and provides excellent tools for proactive and preventative care. We continually hear stories about how EHRs are not yet doctor-friendly, so it’s nice to hear a few success stories now and then.


We’d like to welcome Eclipsys, our newest HIStalk Practice Platinum sponsor. Eclipsys has been providing information solutions to healthcare systems and hospitals for many years and just last year purchased Medinotes (which previously acquired the highly regarded Bond CLINICIAN software, now called “PeakPractice”). Eclipsys also offers their physician offices the Sunrise Ambulatory solution. We appreciate their support of our new site!

Tell me if I am wrong to be mildly offended by the title of this article recently published in American Medical News newsletter (produced by the AMA): “How to handle patients who are always late?” I am an on-time person and I hate tardiness, too. I want to know where the article is entitled, “How to handle doctors who are always late?” Maybe it is just my doctors, but I always end up waiting at least 15 minutes any time I have an appointment. While I appreciate that each patient gets personalized attention, I don’t appreciate that unstated message that my time less important than the doctor’s. There. It’s off my chest.

Set your DVR: Jonathan Bush, athenahealth’s chairman and CEO, will preside over the NASDAQ closing bell Thursday April 16th at 3:45 pm ET.

MGMA finds that compensation for medical directorships in non-hospital-owned groups is an average of 69% higher than in hospital-owned groups for all specialties except primary care. Across all specialties, the recruitment and physician education responsibilities yielded the highest compensation. Physicians accepting medical director roles were able to increase their compensation between 80 and 100% or more, depending on specialty.


I got my taxes done at the last minute. Sure hope the government spends my money wisely.

E-mail Inga.

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  • RE: SRS – solid product. Installing point of care EMR in an ortho office is very tough w/ very few players doing it well at all. Scanning, e-prescribing and the ability to dictate or import transcription is the best solution unless the docs have a scribe. I think ortho is probably the number 1 specialty in de-installed EMR solutions. I’d be curious what others think.

  • Hear, Hear!!! I am an admittedly (compulsively) punctual person and I’ve had very few appointment where the doctor has not kept me waiting at least 20 minutes or more.

    My personal favorite was the orthopedic surgeon who was routinely 45 minutes late for my appointment (the first one of the day, mind you!). I finally blasted him out at the fourth appointment and told him my time is valuable too! Made no difference, but I felt better.

    Mr. H, you and I should team up and write that article!

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