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November 14, 2012 News 2 Comments

11-14-2012 11-50-59 AM

From Soak Zone: “Re: NextGen UGM. Great logistics and sessions and a Shamu encounter. Got to love it. You should go to next year’s meeting in Vegas!” Thanks for the invite – you never know. I read many of the comments from the Twitter feed and Facebook and almost all were very positive. Just a couple of complaints about bus logistics to Sea World, but I’m sure transporting 4,000 people has its challenges. Thanks to the readers who sent comments and pictures.

11-14-2012 1-10-28 PM

No surprise here: MGMA-ACMPE finds that its members are more satisfied with payers that pay promptly and respond to their inquiries rapidly and accurately. Medicare Part B was the highest-rated payer, though none of seven payers included in the survey earned overall satisfaction ratings in the “moderately” or “completely” satisfied range.

11-14-2012 12-01-36 PM

Culbert Healthcare Solutions expands its customer base to more than 150 organizations and gains the 159th spot in the healthcare industry segment on Forbes list of fastest-growing private companies.

11-14-2012 2-06-21 PM

Greenway adds a rules engine to its PrimeRCM service that integrates billing intelligence with clinical care. Greenway expects the added technology to produce cleaner claims and lead to better collection rates, as well as to advise providers of payer care guidelines when ordering tests and procedures.

Vitera Intergy EHR/PM client MU Medical Management (AZ) selects ClearDATA Networks for hosting services.

11-14-2012 10-48-19 AM

The US will need at least 52,000 more family doctors by 2025 as the population continues to age. Policy officials offer several possible fixes, including better pay for primary care physicians, increased care from PAs and NPs, and, more care provided through PCMHs.

Worcester Business Journal awards eClinicalWorks top honors for its employee rewards and recognition.

11-14-2012 11-05-19 AM

Barry Pointe Family Care (MO – above) and Desert Ridge Family Physicians (AZ) are named finalists in the NextGen Healthcare/Intel Innovation Awards, while Hunterdon Healthcare Partners wins Grand Champion honors.

Also from NextGen: the company will connect to the Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability for secure messaging and clinical data sharing.

11-14-2012 1-34-18 PM

What’s not to love about this story? Patients of Russell Dohner, MD of Rushville, IL don’t seem to mind that he does not accept insurance and doesn’t have a computer or fax machine. Every morning patients from a four-county area line up to see the 87-year-old physician, who charges a mere $5 for an office visit. He barely makes enough to pay his staff, which includes an 86-year-old nurse and 85-year-old secretary, and says this of his 57-year career:

“I always just wanted to be a doctor to help people with their medical problems, and that’s all it’s for. It was never intended to make a lot of money.”

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  • HIE is really frustrating in the US! We are working with a vendor out of Europe who has been responsible for implementing over 24 European Union countries on EPSOS (www.epsos.eu). I found out today that the entire country of Albania implemented an integrated IHE based HIE and did it with 10 different EMR vendors across the entire country. The EMR vendors are fully interoperable with each other using the HIE. Implementation time start to finish 6 MONTHS. I’ve been working on a community project for 2 years with 4 different EMR vendors and although they all say that interoperablity is their goal…frankly I think they are Lying, they don’t want to be interoperable and if they do its only on their terms in the US. We must be just plan stupid or something to be passed upon by Albania! Or perhaps Albania, some would consider a 3rd world country perhaps the US is a 10th world country and we are all just too stupid to understand it. Albania, fully integrated HIE start to finish in 6 months. What is wrong here?

  • Q: What’s wrong here? FrustratedHIEImplimentor asks about the HIE vendors in the US and their inability to achieve similar results to European countries…..MAYBE we need to expand our borders and start looking outside the US for solutions? I don’t like it either, but if the US vendors can’t do the job…..
    Sign me,
    Virtually there

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