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News 3/18/10

March 18, 2010 News 2 Comments

RCM provider Emdeon reports that Q4 revenues grew 9.5% over 2008 numbers and net income jumped 12%. For the full year, revenue increased 7.6% to $918 million; income grew 18% to $14 million.

jordan hospital

Providers with Jordan Physician Associates (MA) implement MedAptus Inpatient Edition to capture and submit charges while on service at Jordan Hospital.

Score one for e-prescribing. In an AHRQ-funded, researchers find that primary care practices using e-prescribing systems reduced prescribing errors almost seven-fold over one year. The study compared prescribing error rates between six practices using e-prescribing and six using paper. While the paper-based error rates remained relatively constant (about 37%), the e-prescribing error rates fell from 42.5% to 6.6%. All the e-prescribing practices used the same e-prescribing tool (MedAllies.)


Physicians at Dreyer Medical Clinic (IL) sign an agreement with OPTIMIZERx to implement its SampleMD solution. I’ve never heard of SampleMD before but am intrigued by their offering. The system facilitates electronic searches for sample vouchers and prescription co-pay offerings, plus electronically dispense drug samples through a national pharmacy network. It also eliminates the need to manage and store physical drug samples in physician offices.

The FTC releases its plans for expanding broadband Internet connectivity and boosting HIT connectivity. Healthcare-specific plans include allocating $29 million a year for Indian Health services for broadband services and increasing federal funds and reimbursements for telemedicine and underserved areas.

Wayne State University Physician Group (MI) contracts with NextGen Healthcare to deploy NextGen Practice Solutions. The 540-physician group already uses NextGen EHR.


Speaking of NextGen, we welcome them to HIStalk Practice as our latest Platinum sponsor. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems has long been one of the ambulatory HIT industry’s most respected vendors, offering a suite of practice management, electronic health records, and HIE products. Last month NextGen announced the acquisition of Opus Healthcare Solutions and Sphere Health Systems, increasing their presence in the hospital IT space. Almost three years ago they became one of HIStalk’s first non-hospital specific sponsors and we appreciate their expanded support of our efforts.

The AMA launches a new managed care contracting resource to help physicians analyze and negotiate contracts with insurers. The National Managed Care Contract (NMCC) and database includes a searchable database and provides model contract language

McKesson adds a number of new practices using its Practice Partner EHR, including Consultants in Gastroenterology (RI), Virginia Nephrology, and Paradigm Medical Group (CO.)

A local Indiana paper examines one practice’s transition to EMR, including possible effects on patient satisfaction and the doctor-patient relationship. One of the practice’s doctor, who still handwrites and dictates his notes, believes that EMR will ultimately save time, but worries he might alienate patients as he concentrates on the computer screen. Others acknowledge the transition will be difficult, but will save patients time and money, reduce redundant tests, and increase safety when prescribing medications. Says like concerns raised by every doctor when transitioning from the paper world to an EMR, regardless of the practice or EMR.


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  • Don’t know this for a fact, but I’m betting we have Mr. Brooks (David) from HIStalk Mobile to thank for that. Does look good, doesn’t it?

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